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Cloick Typeface

Cloick Typeface

Version: 2.000
Date: April 15, 2024
Vendor: LJ Design Studios
Designer: Luis Jaramillo, Jorge, Pérez LJDS Team

The Cloick Unicode Typography it is our base project for the expansion and incorporation of characters in the fonts of our work team.

Compatible Unicode

Compatible with multiple languages, it is perfect for testing or designing digital interfaces for any environment, Cloick Typography supports more than ten writing languages, including Russian and Devanagari, which are still in the development stage thanks to voluntary work contributions.

ࡅࡖࡎࡕࡓࡀ ࡃࡖ ࡀࡍࡃࡖࡇ
русский язык


2024 updated version:

  • Devanagari in progress
  • Bug fixes

Cloick Typeface is a typography project based on geometry and distortion of small scale contours.

The purpose of the source is to group a number of important languages with a style not customary to the usual.

It is a very versatile and usable source in any business purpose, since its design is adaptable with many of the modern and simplified trends in graphic design and conceptual illustration.

Next Thasks:

Next tasks:

CJK Block Project – to add Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters.
Arabic and Syriac blocks extended.
Open participation calls coming soon.