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Arivo Sans

Arivo Sans

Ligature keys \\loc \\people \\loc and more

Version: 1.200
Date: February 27, 2024
Vendor: LJ Design Studios
Designer: Luis Jaramillo


2024 Updated version

  • Bug fixes
  • New glyphs added
  • Access to icons by ligatures

In this version we include a notable correction to the Bold-Italic style which improves compatibility in Microsoft Office 365, as well as a list of 9 glyphs that contain essential icons for the work environment.

Arivo Sans font is a modern-geometric typeface designed by Luis Jaramillo (LJ Design Studios) that has a simple, pleasant and practical style, for design, composition, and formal or clean art.Presents 6 families of styles: Light, Regular and Bold, accompanied by their versions in Italic.